Stainless Steel with Copper Plating Cocktail Shaker

This stainless steel and copper shaker are constructed of premium materials both inside and out. A decorative rubber sleeve not only adds visual appeal but also provides grip to prevent slippage during shaking, in addition to insulating the hand from an icy exterior. The product is easy to clean by hand washing and is safe and simple to use.

But those aren’t the only selling points that set Cork Pops’ Nicholas Collection Martini Shaker apart from the competition. 
The heavy-duty stainless steel strainer that is built inside its cap exhibits the strength necessary to effectively break up ice cubes during shaking. Any large, chunky pieces that might remain are filtered out while the finest particles of ice are dispensed with the mixed drink. Chilling of the ingredients takes place instantly as well. As a result, the martini shaker produces ultra-smooth cocktails that are the perfect consistency and temperature.

Rabbit Twist-to-Lock Cocktail Shaker

The Twist to Lock Cocktail Shaker’s unique bayonetted locking lid creates a leak free seal, while still allowing you to easily open – even when cold or wet. Unique cap doubles as a free-standing jigger, so you can easily measure ingredients. Includes an integrated strainer. Double-walled stainless steel vessel keeps hands warm and drinks cold.

  • 18 oz capacity
  • Angled pour spout on strainer for precise pouring
  • Leak-free seal with twist lock cap
  • Hand wash
  • Integrated strainer to filter out ice

Tovolo Stainless Cocktail Shaker

Juice, jig, strain & mix with just one shaker! Never before has a shaker been so versatile. The built-in reamer allows you to juice your citrus directly into your drink. Designed to hold a Tovolo Ice Sphere. Crafting delicious cocktails has never been easier!

  • 4-in-1
  • Removable reamer for
    easy clean-up
  • Jigger cap with measurements
  • Strains ice & herbs
  • Platform in bottom of shaker allows ice to be broken up easily
  • Designed to fit a Tovolo ice sphere

Rabbit Houdini Fliptop Cocktail Shaker



We’re shaking up the cocktail shaker market with a patented Flip-Top mechanism that does away with the usual separate strainer. The Houdini Flip-Top Shaker opens and closes with the touch of a finger. Two years in development, it’s a feat of hydraulic engineering applied to hi-tech sealing materials. The “Flip-Top” is double-walled plastic, so it’s never cold to the touch.

Barkeep: Boston Shaker

This two-piece shaker mixes wicked good cocktails. With the 28-ounce tin and 16-ounce mixing glass combo, you can shake or stir, then strain and enjoy.

  • 16 oz mixing glass with measurements
  • 28 oz stainless steel tin
  • Removable rubber seal for perfect mixing

Rabbit – Frozen Cocktail Tumblers – Set of 2

Our Frozen Cocktail Tumblers are perfect for making ice cold cocktails and frosé. With just a few ingredients, you can mix up any drink you like at home – from frosé to frozen cocktails to slushies. Mix up your favorite ingredients, freeze, and grab a bud. Grab one for yourself or give as a gift—you’ll be everyone’s favorite hostess when it’s party time, any day of the week.

Rabbit Cocktail Garnish Tool

Flawless craft cocktails start here, with a 3-in-1 garnish tool that’s smartly designed and easy to use. Caps at each end remove to reveal a zester, peeler and channel knife in one. Simply lift the cap for the blade you want. Create long ribbons of lemon or orange peel with the channel knife. Use the peeler for lemon or lime twists. Zest citrus over the top of drinks or desserts for presentations full of fresh flavor.

  • Rugged plastic design with stainless steel zester, peeler and channel knife blades
  • Comfortable grip
  • Capped at each end for easy storage
  • Hand wash

Cork Pops Stainless Steel Golf Club Cocktail Picks – Set of 6

  • Golf Club Cocktail picks pack of 6 features sturdy shafts topped with intricately detailed clubs
  • Crafted from highest quality stainless steel for safe use around food and drinks
  • Each golf club pick measures approximately 4 inches long with silvery finish
  • Perfect for 9th hole relaxing and entertaining – the 6 piece set of clubs is perfect for outdoor entertaining, gift for your favorite golf buddy or hostess gift
  • Individually fitted in protective packaging

Hot Peach Margarita

2 TBSP Raven’s Nest Hot Peach Jam 1 oz fresh lime juice 2 oz tequila 1 oz agave syrup Kosher salt for glass rim Lime and jalapenos for garnish Combine all ingredients except salt in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until well blended and chilled. Strain into margarita glass filled with ice. Optional: … Read more