TheWand Wine Filter 4 Pack


No more wine headaches! The Wand™ 4-Pack is our by-the-glass purifier for the age-old and widespread problem of wine allergies.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Patented NanoPore purification is proven safe and effective in independent tests. Does not add any harsh chemicals to your wine. FDA compliant and BPA-Free.

100% Made in the USA and Guaranteed.

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No More Wine Headaches
Only PureWine™ alleviates ALL of the most common side effects from drinking wine: headaches, congestion, skin flush, upset stomach, and hangovers.

Removes Histamines and Sulfites
No other wine filter removes BOTH the histamines and sulfites that trigger the most common wine sensitivities. The Wand™ works on ALL red, white and sparkling wines WITHOUT changing the natural taste, aromas or color of the wine.

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