Soiree In-Bottle Wine Aerator


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How to Soiree?

Step 1.

Insert your Soirée into any wine bottle. The rubber gasket should fit tightly. If the bottle opening is too large, pull off the one gasket and slide on the alternate gasket.

Step 2.

Gently push the Soirée into the opening of the wine bottle with a slight twisting motion.

Step 3.

The rubber gasket will keep the Soirée in place as you pour. When pouring you can see the Soirée agitates the wine before it enters the glass. You can hold the wine bottle at various inclinations to adjust the vigor of the agitation and aeration that the Soirée adds to the wine.

Step 4.

Cleaning: Rinse with warm water and mild soap. Allow the Soirée to air dry on the stand that it comes with. Although the Soirée is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended

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