Ritrovo Selections – Salts of Italy

Ritrovo Selections – Salts of Italy


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An amazing collection of six salts imported from Italy:

Award-winning “Truffle & Salt”​plus “Fennel & Salt”, “Saffron & Salt”, “Fiori & Salt”, “Porcini & Salt”,“Herb & Salt”

Displayed in an elegant column. A perfect stocking stuffer for food lovers!

“Truffle & Salt”
International sensation and first “truffle salt” in the world market; a RITROVO® original. Heady, aromatic blend of Italian black truffle and sea salt.

“Fennel & Salt”
Sea salt blended with toasted fennel, organic Sicilian fennel pollen and exotic spices. Great for finishing soups and salads or as a rub for roasted root vegetables and grilled pork chops.

“Saffron & Salt”
Sea salt blended with strands of saffron. A classic of Abruzzo. Golden hue and delicate flavor lends itself to fusion cuisine, risottos or fresh ricotta cheese.

“Fiori & Salt”
An aesthetically appealing mix of sea salt, wild orange peel and ten types of edible flowers. Presents beautifully when sprinkled on fresh ricotta or burrata cheeses, green salads and puréed soups.

​”Porcini & Salt”
Sea salt mixed with sundried porcini, onions, garlic, and herbs. Enhances roasted game, halibut or chicken, risottos, and sautéed mushrooms.

“Herbs & Salt”
An aromatic blend of Adriatic sea salt and herbs from throughout the Italian peninsula. A pantry staple and perfect rub for grilling steak, chicken or prawns.


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