One of the Top 5 Unexpected Experiences that Surprised Me in Asheville

David O. of Decatur, GA

This is one of the Top 5 unexpected experiences that surprised me in Asheville.

My wife and I were sightseeing in the Biltmore Village and stopped in to check out The Tree And Vine.  It looked like a cute gift shop where you could buy wine, flavored olive oil and flavored balsamic vinegar.  We had just eaten lunch, so the last thing I wanted was to try anything.  We thought the store was nice, but didn't buy anything.  I'm not a big bread and oil fan, but my brother and sister in law are so two days later my wife wanted to stop back in the store.  I am so glad we did.

We went after a light lunch and planned to buy some gifts.  I went over to a raspberry balsamic vinegar and tried it with a little piece of bread.  I was very impressed.  One of the employees was preparing for a tour, but stopped to tell us the story behind the business.  I mentioned I wasn't a huge fan of bread and oil and he asked me if I wanted to try the balsamic vinegar on vanilla ice cream.  What?  Why would someone do that I asked.  He brought a small cup each for my wife and I and I tried almost every flavor.  Next thing I know, I'm buying two bottles for Lesley and I and a couple for gifts.  I'm so glad my wife wanted to go back.  It was one of the top 5 surprise experiences I had in Asheville.

The service level, friendliness and knowledge of the staff was excellent.  I plan to go back next time I'm in Asheville.

Thanks David for your kind words.  Hope to see you and your wife back in the shop soon.